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Nick Mono Talks New EP "The Sun Won't Stay After Summer"

The 19-year-old London songwriter and producer just released his debut EP, which features his new song, "IDK About You."

19-year-old London songwriter and producer Nick Mono just released his debut EP "The Sun Won't Stay After Summer," which features his new song, "IDK About You" and "All the Money" and "Effy Stonem"
Photo: Eva Pentel

Congrats on your most recent single, “All The Money.” What was the creative process behind the making of this song?

I can’t remember too much about the specifics of how it was made at this point. I made it quite a while ago. But I made it in my bedroom where most of my songs are made. I think I just wanted to make a song that had a catchy, pop rock hook but have the verses contain a bit more nuance than might be expected. I do remember being excited by the fact that the chorus had more of a crunchy, alternative rock guitar and then the verse brings in a whole new guitar sound to make the riff almost sound a bit more R&B. Then in the second verse they both play together and I think that’s really cool.

Not gonna lie, this song brought me back to the early 2000s. Is there a nostalgic element behind the meaning?

It’s really cool you say that because I definitely wanted to capture an early 2000s sound with it in a way. I don’t think the song is too pop-punk at all but the hopeful underdog energy that those songs have lyrically is something I love to play with.

We know the creative process of every artist is different. Where do you draw the most inspiration from? Are there artists or bands that have influenced you?

I’ve had pretty much every phase you can go through as a music fan I think. Well maybe not but my inspirations have varied from Oasis to Brockhampton to Amy Winehouse to Green Day and more. Those are just 4 artists that have had a big influence on me that I felt inclined to mention right now. It could’ve been another 4 another day but I think that gives a good idea of where I’m at.

You just released your debut EP, “The Sun Won’t Stay After Summer,” which you self-produced. What’s the story behind it, and did you learn anything about your sound or yourself while creating it?

That’s a really good question. I’m not too sure what I learnt about myself. The EP is essentially just a bunch of love songs but it’s also very much about how things are always changing everyone in different ways and trying to navigate maintaining or starting relationships and friendships etc. through that. I guess I learnt that feelings that seem like they’re gonna last forever or at least quite a long time don’t tend to so it’s good to write a song about them while you can.


You can listen to Nick Monos' debut EP on Spotify and all streaming platforms. Make sure to follow him on Instagram for the latest updates.


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