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Nice Guys vs SIMPS: The Difference and Who Actually Finishes Last

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“Nice guys finish last!” A cliche which not only seems as old as time but has been echoed by men everywhere because of the frustrations and energy spent into failed efforts with women. For some men it doesn’t deter them whatsoever, actually they believe that it is actually to their advantage. THE SIMP. We will go over that guy later, but what is it that’s got men down thinking that being nice isn’t enough?

The Nice Guy Predicament

As long as men have chased women, there has been a view that guys struggle to deal with. That is the Nice Guy Predicament. The idea is that there is a discrepancy between what women say they prefer and what they end up choosing in men. Essentially, women say that they want nice guys, but really go for men who are "jerks" or "bad boys" in the end. It might be one of the most frustrating things a guy can go through and in my opinion, is pretty mentally tolling. I mean as a hopeful prospect, the whole idea is to put on the best show that fits what you believe is the winning mold, but somehow it gets completely flipped on its head and you are left there looking like a schmuck!

Don’t Be The SIMP

Well, here we are. Addressing what I feel is a common phrase which needs to be attacked for the stereotypes surrounding it. First of all, a simp is basically someone who goes beyond the extra effort just for someone that they are crushing on. And I don’t mean doing nice things, but doing extra on top of the extra and sometimes it comes with the sacrifice of spending time with friends and family. The simp is a delusional soul who believes they need to basically be an ass-kisser to get what they want. It is seen as being very desperate and excessive.

But the issue is, plenty of nice guys get roped into this category. There’s a difference between being a kind and generous person naturally and only doing it to close out with a crush. The word simp is meant to be derogatory and a kind of disrespectful word to troll young men for doing anything for a girl to get some action he supposedly deserves.

All I’ll say is don’t be the guy who’s giving up everything for little return. Don’t sell your soul to the devil just to get some action, especially at the cost of time spent with the boys.

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Nice Guys For The Win

See the thing is, I don’t believe it to be completely true. I think it's bullshit and you don’t have to become the douchebag that you think you need to be to get what you are chasing. Also you don’t have to be a complete brown-nose just to manipulate a girl into being with you. Just be yourself, you might not attract all the girls you desire, but you’ll attract the girls that are going to make you happy and are actually worth the time. At the end of the day, the idea of chasing a girl is to be happy in success. The Nice Guy might not win the battle for that girl, but will ultimately find someone who appreciates who he is. That’s aiming for the quality there, gents and realistically that should be your goal! Happy hunting lads!


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