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New Artist of the Week: Madam Piña

Why Madam Piña should be on your playlist.


CT artist and college student, Madam Piña has mastered a spacy, soothing sound that’ll calm your nerves after a long day or clear your mind for a long study sesh.

Her minimalist production style gives her angelic vocals a chance to breathe through every track. If her production doesn’t interest you, I know her poetic lyrics and fire melodies will keep you listening. Soundcloud has been a stomping ground for music’s next big thing for years. Artists like Kehlani and Bryson Tiller had humble beginnings on the streaming service. I’m confident Madam Piña has the potential to make some noise on the service as well. 

With her chill beats and mystifying voice, Madam Piña is a good look on anyone’s playlist. I was interested in hearing just what it took to pump out one of her tunes and who influenced her soulful sound so we chatted and this is what she had to say… 

How would you describe your sound? Who do you think has influenced your sound the most?

I’d say my sound is kinda ambient and more chill. I don’t really know what genre it would be honestly. The artists that influenced me most would probably be Frank Ocean, Orion Sun, and Sabrina Claudio. I’d say Beyoncé, but I’m not even on her wavelength. But that’s my idol though, for sure.

I know you produce and record all of your own music. Can you describe your creative process? 

The production part of music is the hardest part for me so I usually start with that first. I know nothing about music theory so beat making is always a challenge. But, when it comes to making melodies or lyrics it comes to mind really quickly.  

Do you have any advice for anyone interested in writing their own music? 

I would say just try it. Even if it’s just something simple. Anyone that has Garageband or an iPhone can just play around with it. A lot of my friends make beats and even if they turn out to be not so great at the least they’re learning something.

How did you come up with your stage name?

It was originally ‘Madam Pineapple’…Pineapple is my favorite fruit. The “Madam” was kinda random. I honestly just thought it sounded cool. Eventually, I switched the pineapple to ‘Piña’ because it’s shorter.

Has quarantine been filled with songwriting or procrastination?

Definitely both. I feel like I’ve been making more music than I usually do, but for the amount of time I’ve had, I definitely should be making more music.


Listen to Madam Piña on Soundcloud


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