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Netflix's Aedin Mincks on Cobra Kai, Karate, and the Future

Aedin Mincks stars in the Netflix series Cobra Kai, which takes place 34 years after the movie Karate Kid.

Aedin Mincks from the Netflix show Cobra Kai, which is set in the Karate Kid universe.
Photo: Nikki Mincks

There are many ways to describe Aedin Mincks, but his Instagram bio does it best: ¨So I used to be Angus on ANT FARM but then went to Thailand with my wolf pack then I ripped off a bears ear on TED and now I fight for @cobrakaiseries.¨

In the hit Netflix series Cobra Kai, Aedin plays Mitch, a student of Cobra Kai. While Aedin crushes his role as a fighting master, his Instagram shows his funny and authentic personality.

Both Aedin and his brother became interested in acting when they watched the "Lord of the Rings" series as kids. The brothers were intrigued by the films and wanted to know how everything worked behind the scenes.

“We got really into it. My brother was like, ‘Oh I want to get into acting, I want to do what they're doing’ and I kind of did too, but I just wasn’t vocal about it,” said Aedin.

At age 7, Aedin would tag along with his brother to agency auditions. He eventually convinced his mom to take him to one of his own, where he eventually signed with an agent and booked his first commercial with Verizon.

The 20-year-old has an impressive list of accomplishments including playing the role of Robert on Ted, alongside Mark Wahlberg. You will also remember him as Angus Chestnut, the computer genius on Disney’s A.N.T Farm and now most recently, Mitch (a.k.a "Assface" or "Penis breath") on Cobra Kai.

While Aedin's career continues to rise thanks to his incredible talent, his latest role on the Netflix hit series continues to be one of his favorites.