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Nail Art is Taking Over 2021 Trends

If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen nail designs taking over a small corner of social media. Every nail shape, color, and design are more intricate than the next. And I have to say I am here for it.

Source: Pinterest

I remember being in middle school and watching countless YouTube videos every day looking for nail inspiration and tutorials.

Naturally, as with any obsession, I would paint my nails every day and would try new designs constantly.

Remember crackle nail polish?

Source: Pinterest

Yeah. Me too. I was obsessed with this stuff. Painting black polish over a bright color and watching it crackle was honestly so satisfying.

Even though I loved these nails in middle school, I am happy we've evolved and moved on from this phase.

In my opinion, nail art trends died down a bit over the past few years; everyone opting for solid colors or holographic nails instead.