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Nail Art is Taking Over 2021 Trends

If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen nail designs taking over a small corner of social media. Every nail shape, color, and design are more intricate than the next. And I have to say I am here for it.

Source: Pinterest

I remember being in middle school and watching countless YouTube videos every day looking for nail inspiration and tutorials.

Naturally, as with any obsession, I would paint my nails every day and would try new designs constantly.

Remember crackle nail polish?

Yeah. Me too. I was obsessed with this stuff. Painting black polish over a bright color and watching it crackle was honestly so satisfying.

Even though I loved these nails in middle school, I am happy we've evolved and moved on from this phase.

In my opinion, nail art trends died down a bit over the past few years; everyone opting for solid colors or holographic nails instead.

Source: Unsplash

Recently, nail designs have made a comeback and that is largely due to Kylie Jenner and other influencers posting their own designs.

These photos are all taken from Kylie's Insta.

The young billionaire usually takes to Instagram stories to post her newest set of nails done by none other than celebrity nail artist @chaunlegend.

Kylie even has a whole highlights page dedicated to showing off her weekly set of new nails.

Lately however, she’s been using her TikTok account as a nail page. Showing the process from start to finish.

Kylie captioned her latest nail video saying, “this is basically just a page for my nails.”

Many of the designs I have been seeing floating around my Instagram, VSCO, and TikTok feeds include a similar idea: multicolored swirls and abstract designs.

I personally love these designs and think they are a great way of expressing yourself through nail art. And they’re funky so why not have some fun with them.

I’ve used this photo for inspiration when doing my nails before and think it incorporates every design that is trending right now.

I also like that people with shorter nails have design options as well, as I mainly see celebrities like Kylie Jenner with extremely long nails getting these designs done.

I've seen the nail shapes changing from a “coffin style” to a more rounded “almond style” shape, though both are still popular styles.

@kkeeaattoonn on instagram

I love these two designs because they are different than what I am used to seeing and I love the color combinations paired with the rings.

However you decide to do your nails, designs or not, just remember to have fun with it!!


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