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My Love-Hate Relationship with Meditation: Why I Meditate

I decided to give myself a second chance, and that’s when I really came to love meditation.

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“Meditation isn’t for me,” I’ve always said. Maybe this thought is familiar to some of you, too.

I have a feeling that meditation either gets people totally engaged or totally against it.

Some people I know meditate daily, always finding a moment to close their eyes and let go of their anxieties, stressors, fears. For the majority of people, though, there seems to be a common line of thought:

“Why on Earth should I sit or lay still doing nothing? I have so much to do!”

Clearly, when I was following that way of thinking, I didn’t know what meditation was.

I came to realize that meditation is a wonderful way to calm down and relax. It’s like switching off your connection to the hectic world and taking a moment to simply be.

That “doing nothing” is worth much more than you think, as it means reconnecting with yourself.

Why is meditation so important?

I didn’t realize how stressed I was until I closed my eyes, focused on my breath, and felt more relaxed than I’d been in months.

Most of us work, study or are caught in some routine on autopilot. We don't think consciously about what we’re doing because we’ve done that activity over and over again. You might think it’s not bad to do something without thinking about it, but what effects does this routine have on you?

It can be potentially dangerous because you get so used to doing the same thing every day that you aren’t mindful at all.

You are simply not present in the moment. This can lead to stress and, if untreated, burnout.

Personally, I realized I needed a break when I first got panic attacks. That was the way my body told me, “Stop and relax for a moment.”

(I’m not saying you’ll get a panic attack. But don’t underestimate stress!)

In my opinion, meditation is worth a try. It’s totally fine if you realize it’s not your thing, but you could feel as relaxed as in a spa with the right style!