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My Last Semester of College: Dealing with the Loss of My Beautiful Commute

Silvia and I learn to say "goodbye."

As the new year begins, I'm sure we're all contemplating the age-old questions we've been asking ourselves recently.

While that graduation date is still months away, I cannot help but think of what I'm gonna miss most...and it is 100% going to be the drives to and from school. I absolutely loved driving. Looking at everything around me, mediating to myself, listening to great music. The drive to and from school was the best part of my day.

Driving there each morning helps to relieve the stress of classes that would hit me like a brick wall once I'd walk through that classroom door. Bring a commuter student for the past five years; I can't help but get sentimental when thinking that these wonderful 45-minute drives will come to an abrupt end. A little dramatic, I know, but that drive is not a typical everyday drive. It is an essential part of my college experience.

To be or not to be a morning person. I'm sure many of you aren't morning people, but my day's ambition rises as time passes and the sun rises overhead. I know it can be annoying, though.

Wake up early with me one day, set a positive mindset for the day, and see how good it can feel!

Each morning I would wake up early per usual. No functioning will take place unless I have a large cup of hot coffee in me. Depending on if I have time to spare, I'll make myself a to-go cup from my French press (yes, I know I sound like an old lady), and then I'll be out the door. If I'm in any particular rush, I'll spend way too much money for practically the same thing at Starbucks and wish I hadn't.

As I fuel my soul with my first cup of coffee, Silvia (my silver convertible bug) and I hit the pavement running! And before you question Silvia, I think people should name their cars. I think it's a great way to connect to your car on a deeper level.

The only thing keeping me somewhat pleased for waking up at 8 am is the time I spend being able to just breathe and connect with nature. I don't think I would ever have found a time to just calm my head and enjoy myself if it were for my commutes.

The mornings are the best, the air is fresh, and the sun slowly creeps its way into view. I hold my coffee in one hand and clutching the steering wheel in the other, propping my elbow on the side of the door. I turn on some Spotify playlist or audiobook to enjoy for the next 45-minutes. Depending on the mood I'm in, the music I listen to will adjust.

Typically, on morning drives, I want to just relax and ease my way into the excitement that is awaiting me. My go-to's would be fixed playlists, like Chill Hits or Mood Booster. If I'm in any happy-go-lucky mood in the morning and feel like jamming, Classic rock is where I'm at. If I'm feeling throwback, I'd suggest Best of the 80s or 90s. Music can take a drive and make it so fun, like you never want it to end.

As classic rock or Chill Hits blasted through my speakers, my heart would cling to my chest as I'd drive on narrow backroads and over the Aspetuck River. Each morning I'd pass a tree that was covered in yellow toy trucks. A staple in my morning ritual. That tree would make me so happy each time I would pass it. There has to be over 1000 toy trucks on that thing.

When it was warm-ish out, I'd crack a window and let the air create knots in my hair. I don't usually mind. The crisp air smells so good in the morning, especially when the seasons change. As I drive down winding roads, I feel at peace. Singing along with my top picks or listening intently to the characters' next actions in my novel.

The drive home is just as great as the ride to school. There was never a better feeling than walking to my car after class on a beautifully sunny day. I'd toss my books in the back seat and throw on some sunglasses. Then I'd take a seat and realize that my ass is on fire from the sun beaming down on my seats all day.

On those extremely hot days, Silvia wouldn't be able to contain herself. Her top would be off faster than you could say "spring break." I'd throw my hair up in a bun even though I know it would only get knotted by the end of the ride. I never learn… you know how hard it is, ladies!

Since Covid-19, I have been driving to school less and less. I knew that this beautiful drive would come to an end eventually, but I never thought that day would be right around the corner. Entering my final college semester, I can't help but think about how different it's become and how my driving to school will end once and for all. How its already come to an abrupt stop.

Yes, I know you might think that I can just go for any ride down a scenic road and enjoy my day. But these drives mean a lot to me. They were the beginning of my day and the end of it.

I've never been so happy to wake up at the ass crack of dawn and drive. To me, I felt that I was driving towards something. Drive towards my knowledge and my future. Daydreaming of what it would look like and how I could make it better.

Driving to and from school each day meant so much more to me than just another drive. Just another scenic road, or just another couple of miles in my gas tank.

So now that my story is done, my letter to all seniors, watching all their moments come to an end, enjoy the little things you wouldn't really think about. And take a drive in your Silvia, don't move so fast. Sometimes it's worth it to slow it all down.


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