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My Last Semester of College: Dealing with the Loss of My Beautiful Commute

Silvia and I learn to say "goodbye."

As the new year begins, I'm sure we're all contemplating the age-old questions we've been asking ourselves recently.

While that graduation date is still months away, I cannot help but think of what I'm gonna miss most...and it is 100% going to be the drives to and from school. I absolutely loved driving. Looking at everything around me, mediating to myself, listening to great music. The drive to and from school was the best part of my day.

Driving there each morning helps to relieve the stress of classes that would hit me like a brick wall once I'd walk through that classroom door. Bring a commuter student for the past five years; I can't help but get sentimental when thinking that these wonderful 45-minute drives will come to an abrupt end. A little dramatic, I know, but that drive is not a typical everyday drive. It is an essential part of my college experience.

To be or not to be a morning person. I'm sure many of you aren't morning people, but my day's ambition rises as time passes and the sun rises overhead. I know it can be annoying, though.

Wake up early with me one day, set a positive mindset for the day, and see how good it can feel!