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Moments In Clouds

Cloud watching is such a nostalgic memory of being young and innocent. Laying in the grass and looking up at the sky, watching your imagination create stories. Looking back on those childhood moments with the clouds, I thought it could be fun to print out some pictures of clouds and see what my friends saw in them. This process was so much fun seeing all the different things they found in the same photos. Here are some of my friends and I’s doodles in the clouds.

"Lots of Things I See In My Head"

"Booty Bird and His Favorite Things"

"Sex, Drugs, and That Tripping Duck"

"Hope's School of Fish"

"A Chicken Eats a Blimp for Lunch & it's on Fire"

"The Circle of Life or Whatever"

"Friends and their New Boots"

"Duck with Big Guns and Fun Shapes"

"The Love Lobster and Funky Friends"
"Body Positive Ghosts"


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