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Meet Our New Obsession, modernlove.

The band discusses their most recent EP "monochrome blue" and talks songwriting, bands that inspire them, and give a date for their next release.

Modernlove band talk about their debut EP ‘monochrome blue’ that was just released.
Photo: Marc Shelley

Who are some artists that you look up to and draw inspiration from?

We definitely draw inspiration from a wide range of genres ranging from electronic to deep house all the way down to mid west emo. Artists like James Blake and the Japanese house have been big influences on us in terms of their production styles, and of course bands like The 1975 have influenced nearly every pop adjacent band of our generation. Bands such as Bloc Party and Bombay Bicycle Club have been a huge source of inspiration for us. We also still have a lot of love for bands like My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday from when we were younger. We always find inspiration in pretty much anything we listen to.

What do you want your listeners to feel when they hear your music?

It’s all subjective at the end of the day. We write our music for ourselves first and foremost, we’d never want to tell people how to feel or react to our music because it’s all up for interpretation. We’re just grateful that people seem to connect with our songs in any way.

What was the creative process behind your most recent release, "Us"?

"Us" was the first proper song we wrote as a band. It’s one of our oldest songs dating back to around 2016. It was kind of the catalyst for us going forward as a band. It was the first time we really felt that we had figured out how to write a good song. It also set the standard for how we’d go about writing songs, as it was the first song we ever wrote that was totally done on a laptop. We were very naive at the time and we didn’t really think anyone would ever hear the music we made, which I think can definitely be heard in the song as I don’t think it’s something we’d write now. We didn’t place any kind of restrictions on ourselves in terms of song length or structure, we just did what felt good at the time.

Are there upcoming projects you're excited about?

We’re working on a lot at the moment, lots of exciting stuff coming up this year. Definitely lots of new music coming out and hopefully lots more gigs. We have a new single coming out February 14th that we can’t wait for everyone to hear and hopefully we’ll be able to announce more dates for shows very soon.


You can follow modernlove. on Instagram and listen to their music on Spotify and all streaming platforms.


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