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Melanie Wozniak Can Do It All

MUD sat down with the "ITCH" star to discuss her role as Jack, LGBTQIA+ representation, and her rise in the fashion world.

ABC star Melanie Wozniak talks acting, fashion, and LA ahead of Season 2 release of 'Itch'
Photography by LeAnn Oliver

Melanie’s talent shines all the way from Western Australia, where she loves to surround herself with the turquoise beaches and rich bushland. At home, she has also created a fundamental network of people, or as she prefers to call them, her everlasting tribe.

Getting the chance to know more about Melanie has taught me one thing: she truly does it all. She is not just an actress, but also a fashion icon in the making. Through her education and professional experience, fashion has become another way for her artistic self to shine. While her focus may be on the modern day country man, her work has also been modeled by women on the runway.

"I constantly find myself interested in how clothing shapes the body and is an expression of one's artistic self. I love how the choice of fabric can evoke a feeling - a sense of ‘mood’ and how it can alter the structure of the human body, or even alter the space around the body," Melanie told Mud.

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Melanie had the opportunity to connect even closer to her role on "Itch." In the show, she plays Jack, a non-binary character who matches Melanie's adventurous personality.

"When I first auditioned for “JACK” in Itch, I was thankful that they were a non-binary character as I felt it gave a voice to a community that can be under-represented, particularly in children's TV," Melanie said.

Melanie's identity not only deepens her connection to the role she is playing, but also allows her own voice to shine through. Through this role, she seeks to be an advocate for change to create a more accepting world for the LGBTQIA+ community.

As we anxiously continue to wait for the second season of Itch to come out, Melanie gave us a sneak peek into various aspects of her life. We learned that if there is ever a movie based on her life, she wants Shailene Woodley to play her. And that her secret talent is so secret that she has not even found it yet! Using the time to focus on exciting fashion projects, Melanie continues to prove to us that she indeed can do it all. I was so excited to catch up with her on what's her go to snack, playing Jack, and so much more.