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Netflix's Meganne Young Breaks Down the Final Kissing Booth Movie

To celebrate The Kissing Booth 3, we caught up with Meganne Young to discuss her character Rachel, reflect on her favorite filming moments, and play a game of cast superlatives where she crowns Joey King as the funniest of the cast.

Photo by Arjun Malik

Meganne Young has captured the hearts of Netflix’s Kissing Booth fans since the release of the first movie. The South African actress plays Rachel, Lee’s romantic interest and a cool and compassionate addition to the friend group. The global phenomenon started with a book, which was originally published in the popular writing platform, Wattpad. While Meganne hadn’t read the book prior to booking the role, her experience in getting the part of Rachel involved the usual audition process. While she knew there was something special about the story and the cast, the hype that this trilogy has earned all over the world continues to amaze her. Since the first movie, Rachel’s character has grown tremendously. In fact, Meganne revealed that she tapped into her own personal experience throughout this project to bring the unique and daring Rachel to life.

“I might have lost my temper a little sooner than Rachel, but for the most part, I think we are quite similar. I always try to see as much of a perspective as I can and see all sides of a situation. I’m definitely a communicator. I like to talk things out. I like to deal with things as they come. I don’t want to put them aside and let them fester. So in those ways, I think I’m quite similar to her,” Meganne said.

After a successful release of the second installment, we couldn’t be more excited for the final piece to this trilogy. In many ways, the Kissing Booth has brought back the beloved teen rom-coms from the early 2000s we all love, but the characters still represent what it means to be young today in an accurate way. Rachel’s character reminds us of the importance of learning from our relationships, and making sure to put ourselves first. Meganne is especially proud of how her character has evolved throughout the movies. Although her light-filled personality jumped off our Zoom call, she admitted that in High School she struggled with leaning into herself and trusting her instincts. Without a doubt, her experience in the Netflix show has helped her forge those qualities even further.