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Meet Rising Reggeaton Singer & Songwriter, Amber Donoso

Amber Donoso is determined to create a fresh, exciting sound and forge a bold new path while staying true to the Latin background that inspires and defines her.

Amber Donoso a reggeaton latin music singer songwriter releases her latest single candela and is featured on MUD Magazine.
Photo: MN2S

How would you describe yourself and your music to a new fan?

Firstly, welcome to the Donoso crew! I’m a bilingual reggaeton singer songwriter. Think Shakira and Gwen Stefani crossed over - there you’ll find me. I’ve always been so passionate about music and performing so always knew music was the path I wanted to take.

Being a British-Chilean artist, how do you stay true to your Latin background? How do you incorporate your Latin background into your music?

I write all my songs in both Spanish and English. I like combining both languages to give the songs an extra edge and difference. I grew up listening to artists such as Shakira, Juanes, Daddy Yankee, Gwen Stefani, Nelly Furtado, as well as many more, and wanted to combine both my cultures into something new and fresh for people.

How did you tap into your creativity when writing your new song Candela? Did something inspire it?

I wanted to write a feel-good song. A song to make men and woman feel empowered and sexy. The writing process started with what I wanted to concept of the song to be, then the melody then lyrics. The song was a beautiful and liberating project to work on.

What is something you wish an artist told you when you were first discovering you love for music?

Oh gosh wow a lot of things!!! First thing is: always follow your heart, and don’t feel you have to follow current ‘trends’. Be the new trend! I truly believe persistence is key in pushing through the music industry. There’s a huge amount of rejection within the industry so you have to be tough and protect yourself yet always be kind.


Keep up as Amber Donoso continues to bring her own sound to life by following her on all streaming platforms as @amberdonoso


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