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Meet Lyle4Ever, the Therapy Gecko Helping Strangers on the Internet

Have you ever had a fever dream, and during said dream, ended up talking to a life size Gecko about your life?

Yes? Us too!

Now you can make that dream a reality with Therapy Gecko.

Lyle Forever, the master mind behind Therapy Gecko, paints himself bright green and slips on his Gecko suit to take your calls. I came across this reptilian icon on a Tiktok livestream, and asked him a question.

How do you hug during quarantine?

Geck admitted that he hasn’t been hugged in four years, so it isn’t really an issue for him. After this interaction, I started watching his streams and became a fan, or as he calls his fans, a member of Geck Nation. Lyle never knows where the conversation is headed, and that’s just how he likes it. Some can be as simple as saying hi and discussing their days. Others snowball, leading to conversations about having sex in a synagogue, prison pen pals, and biggest fears. Most recently, this talented creator sat down with Lil Yachty, who put on the Gecko skin and answered calls with Lyle. I was fortunate enough to sit down with Lyle, and get some questions off my chest.


Lyle streams every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on Twitch and RPAN streams. Listen in, or if you want to chat, give the Geck a call at 401-472-GECK.

Also, if you want to catch up on a stream, his “Therapy Gecko” Podcast is available on all streaming platforms.


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