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Meet Italian Model Turned Rapper Raffaele Capuano

This talented new artist will no doubt become a most-played in your Spotify.

Raffaele Capuano is an Italian-born model turned rapper.
Photo: Romero Merc

Raised by his single Dutch mother, he grew up in Naples, Italy having a passion for hip hop music. He describes himself as a calm person internally and a wild child externally. “My moods often reflect my environment and the people I am around, especially when I travel. However, I remain positive with everything I do,” said Raffaele.

What made you decide to step into the hip-hop genre?

I’ve been listening to hip hop since I was a kid. I actually never had the courage to expose myself, musically, until I realized how much my close friends appreciated the music I did. It gave me the courage to dive into this new career of mine and release new music. Hip hop has been my saving grace throughout life. It has taught me lessons when I didn’t know who to ask and fueled me in ways I never imagined. Hip hop really came through for me when my parents were going through their divorce. I also want to thank my friend, when I was 11 years old he played my first Italian rap song, Maracash. Since then I’ve stuck by this genre.

How do you tap into your creativity?

After a long day or an experience is when I feel the most creative. I allow myself to process my thoughts and analyze my feelings while listening to beats. That creates magical energy inside me that allows me to just throw it out on a microphone. Sometimes I sing the melody before even writing the song.

Where/When does your best work happen?

Usually in my home because it’s one of the few places where I can spend most of my time alone and reconnect with my emotions. It’s an environment where my main ideas come to fruition. Normally, my creative process involves a trusted producer where they help bring my ideas to life. Collaborating with others is another way I can create my best work. But, usually, the idea initially sparks when I can brainstorm on my own in Milano. I am most inspired by the surroundings there and being able to be present in the moment with myself. I don’t restrict my creativity and let it happen naturally.