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Me vs. Deadlines: An On-Going Dispute

My assignment says, “Due at 11:59 p.m.” My heart says, “Do it in the morning.”

The school burnout I am experiencing this semester is at an all-time high. I don’t want to look at my laptop anymore after 15 minutes of starting an assignment. I am struggling to get my assignments turned in on time.

Deadlines set structure. It helps students and professors be organized with assignments. If an assignment did not have a definite deadline, there is a chance of it not being completed. However, when a student has to juggle a million tasks and is aware they have to bust out an assignment before 12 a.m. -- it might not be their best work.

There is a solution: time management. In most cases, time isn’t my friend. I feel exhausted going to classes, attending meetings, and going to work. I am grateful for all my opportunities and for a busy schedule. However, sometimes it is hard to sit down and focus on an assignment after a tiring day.

I feel stressed out knowing that I am putting off an assignment. I know I have to get it done, but there is zero motivation in my body. Getting homework done feels like a chore. Most times, I do not get any insight from my assignments. I just do them to get it done.

“Due at 11:59 p.m” is a solid deadline. It gives students an opportunity to go about their day and when they are home, they can complete it before bed. There are some assignments that are due before class starts. That makes sense too. I have encountered some odd deadlines like, “Due at 3:30 p.m.” Why do I have to submit my homework before the evening news?

There are professors that are sticklers for deadlines. I understand the concept of not bending the rules when other students completed their homework on time. However, it is odd that I have to submit an assignment when it won’t be graded for another week and a half. My one-day late submission should not alter that.

I am thankful to be graced by professors who extend deadlines. The other day, my professor extended the assignment twice because she knows she won’t be looking at them anytime soon.

My assignments not getting done on time is my fault. You’re not alone if you considered submitting angry professor evaluations, but remember the semester is half-way over. You got this.


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