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Maturing Your Wardrobe In Your Early 20s

In the time between your teenage years and adulthood, your early 20s may feel confusing.

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As you discover yourself and your true interests, you may realize the way you dress doesn’t fit that image of “you” anymore.

Your style should reflect your personality and who you are. With all these things going on, the last thing you want is to feel like you need a whole new wardrobe.

Some ways you can do this is by adding some pieces, looking for sophisticated silhouettes, patterns, and materials, and shopping at new brands.

That’s why we’ve come up with some simple ways to mature your wardrobe!

1. Neutral-Toned Colors

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Color palettes matter more than you think! Matching more similar colors is chic, not corny anymore! Neutral-toned colors, earth-tones, and solid patterns such as different shades of beige, brown, and white can achieve this look. Monochrome outfits look great too.

2. Structured Silhouettes & Formal Pieces

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Structured silhouettes can give your clothes a much more mature look in a simple way. When shopping look out for padded shoulders, tapered pants, and clothes that overall fit really well and tailored to your body.

Dresses, skirts, and suit separates can make your wardrobe more professional and mature in general. You can pair a nice blazer with jeans, tapered pants with a simple tee, and a satin skirt with a satin top or a cotton tank. Dresses are a whole outfit already handled, for that day you just can’t decide what goes best together!

3. Flattering Your Body Type

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Figure out what looks best on your body shape, no matter what it is. Check out How to Dress for Your Body Type to help determine your shape and style with some advice , and maybe take the 100% Body Positive Body Shape Quiz to help determine your shape in a fun and quick way.

Once you figure out your shape, try new shapes and designs and research body types like yours! Sometimes it’s easiest to find a celebrity with a similar body shape to yours to see how different looks might fit you, without the hassle of buying and returning clothes.

For instance, celebs with apple body shapes might include Tyra Banks, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Drew Barrymore, and Jessica Simpson. There are lists of celebs with each body type How To Dress For Your Body Shape - Celebrity Body Shapes to help you find inspiration.

4. Silky Fabrics

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The most popular currently trending fabric that’s more mature and age-appropriate is silk and satin. With selecting a fabric instead of a look, you get to choose from hundreds of colors. You can pair satin with almost any other fabric. It’ll look good with jeans, more satin, cotton, leather, anything!

The most important part of any fashion journey is to stay true to yourself! You should always strive to feel comfortable in your style and your skin.


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