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Matt Evans on Finding His Voice


Matt Evans from the Voice Australia AU.
Photo: Derec Ethan

Amid this unpredictable pandemic, Australian artist Matt Evans found his voice. After spending the last year working on furthering his music career, Matt decided to focus on his dreams and how to make them come true.

Initially, it was scary to pursue the kind of music he wanted to write because he wasn’t sure what people would think. He started in a rock band in Perth for two years while working a full-time warehouse job, neither of which fulfilled him.

Matt said, “I was spiraling to a darker place where I felt I wasn’t achieving anything I was capable of.”

At that point, Matt fully knew that if he continued doing things he wasn’t passionate about, then his mental health would struggle. Not wanting to go down that path, he did the most courageous thing anyone could do: he took a chance on himself. When Matt auditioned for The Voice AU, he was a man chasing his dream, but very quickly his talent prevailed. From there, he discovered his newfound confidence as an artist and began saying yes to more opportunities. By the time he wrapped up his appearance on the show, he’d gained a modeling contract and two acting agents.

Matt Evans has shown us that a dream doesn’t have to stay one. Rather, his confidence shows that when you want something, it’s okay to change directions, and it’s even better to take a chance on it.

Aside from being a successful, young artist, Matt understands that other pillars can measure success, most importantly, who you are as a person. Specifically, Matt believes that being nice is the foundation for success and draws great inspiration from the people he’s closest with.

“The most important thing in life is relationships and connectivity because without that what do we have?” Matt said.

In school, he found mentors in his music teachers, who taught him how to use his skills with confidence in the real world. They showed him how to believe in himself.

“When I was young, I always felt that my path to success was going to be different. When I found the arts, I felt special. I knew this was a journey I wanted to take."

His journey has been molded and nurtured in Perth, Australia, which is the place Matt credits for shaping his music careers and goals. Although there have been challenges along the way, Matt has a strong support system at home that inspires him to go after what he wants, even if he doesn't always know what that is. However, over time, he was able to find the most inspiration from within. He has never stopped working on his development as an artist and person, which has crafted his identity.

Being young today is hard, but Matt Evans makes it simple. If you want something, figure out how to achieve it, then never stop working on it.

“Being young can be such a struggle. It’s the generation of sticking your head in front of your phone, and it can be so exhausting,” he said.

He also goes on to discuss the role social media plays in his life. Matt believes that there should be a balance between needing a social media presence and not allowing those platforms to take away from the art form itself. Social media can be consuming for many artists, but Matt doesn't allow it to consume him.

“On a positive note, technology has also helped us and our generation… a pandemic probably wouldn’t have been as survivable without technology and social media," he concludes.

This year has been extremely difficult for the world. Millions of people are faltering in the things they love, but not Matt Evans. He has used this time to continue pushing his limits and fighting for his dreams. For Matt, the pandemic hasn’t halted his progress, it’s inspired him to work harder than ever. And for everyone who has dreams that feel distant at times, his journey is so inspiring to see.


This story appears on the December 20 issue of Mud, "Lisztomania." You can purchase a digital and print copy here.


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