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Make Athleisure Your Aesthetic

They wouldn't make workout clothes so cute if they were just for the gym.

Source: Pinterest

As someone who can’t bear to spend $20 on a pair of jeans, but will say $40 Gymshark leggings or joggers are a steal, I have made athleisure my ONLY aesthetic. I lack a fair amount of closet staples I always see influencers promoting on instagram or TikTok, but I do have more cropped hoodies and sports bras than a girl could ever need.

And you know what? I get complimented on my outfits ALL the time.

Whether you're at the gym or the dining hall, athletic wear is always in fashion: you just need to put together the right pieces.

First, leggings. Every girl has a pair of black leggings; that’s not athleisure. You need bold colors or prints. And make sure you have them in all lengths imaginable: cropped, 3/4, full.