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Make Athleisure Your Aesthetic

They wouldn't make workout clothes so cute if they were just for the gym.

Source: Pinterest

As someone who can’t bear to spend $20 on a pair of jeans, but will say $40 Gymshark leggings or joggers are a steal, I have made athleisure my ONLY aesthetic. I lack a fair amount of closet staples I always see influencers promoting on instagram or TikTok, but I do have more cropped hoodies and sports bras than a girl could ever need.

And you know what? I get complimented on my outfits ALL the time.

Whether you're at the gym or the dining hall, athletic wear is always in fashion: you just need to put together the right pieces.

First, leggings. Every girl has a pair of black leggings; that’s not athleisure. You need bold colors or prints. And make sure you have them in all lengths imaginable: cropped, 3/4, full.

Black leggings are normal everyday leggings. THESE types of leggings are athletic, cute, and make your butt look SUPER good.

And for the days you really just want to be comfy, but still look cute, joggers are your best friend.

The amount of compliments I have gotten on these pair of Athleta camo joggers is INSANE. And it feels like I'm wearing pajama pants.

And the great thing about athleisure is that you can wear almost any top… as long as it’s cropped. I wear cropped hoodies and t-shirts most of the time, and almost all of them I have gotten from Walmart or Five Below - I just cropped them myself! Though I am obsessed with Gymshark and Lululemon, who has the money for a $50 tank top?

With the versatility of workout tops, I’ve been able to work out in them, use them as an undershirt with cardigans, and as crop tops for the frat house! Like c’mon, tell me you wouldn’t wear that black tank to the bar.

I found that the key to a cute athletic outfit is mixing tight with baggy. So when you wear tight leggings, wear a baggy cropped tee or hoodie. If your wearing joggers, go for a tighter cropped shirt or tank, or even a super cropped long sleeve.

And the best part about athleisure... you can wear sneakers with EVERYTHING. No more tearing apart your closet trying to find those velvet booties you knew you would get to wear one day.


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