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Lukas Graham Returns 7 Years After "7 Years"

After hitting #1 in 13 countries and earning 3 Grammy nominations, the Danish artist returns with a storied new album that beautifully captures the last few years.

Photo: @cristigtzname

The sun had just begun to set on snow-covered Copenhagen when Lukas Graham called in on his way home after a busy day prepping for the release of his fourth studio album. I was lucky enough to get to chat with the Danish artist and catch up years after the release of his global hit, “7 Years." Ironically, it has been seven years since the release of the song that catapulted him to the top of the charts and solidified him as one of the most unique voices of his generation.

But what most people don't know is that life looks a lot differently now for Lukas. He got married and is now a proud dad to two lovely daughters. The pandemic pushed him to reconnect with his childhood as he settled in Denmark for the creation of this new album. He put his nutrition and health at the forefront, inspired by the birth of his children. Despite all the change, Lukas's passion and love for creating music is strong as ever, and it is reflected on his upcoming fourth studio album titled, 4 (The Pink Album).

What becomes clear from the start of our conversation is how grateful Lukas is about, well, everything. His positive energy is radiant, and his easy-going nature made me feel like I was on facetime with an old friend. He constantly reminds himself that the journey he experienced, along with all its highs and lows, brought him to this point. While music is his passion, Lukas cares immensely about people, especially those closest to him. During our conversation, we delved into his writing process, the inspiration behind the new album along with its unique collaborations, and what his music career has been like the past seven years; but Graham truly shone when talking about his love for connecting with others. He shared touching stories about spending time at home, building a community around his career, and even catching up with old friends in Copenhagen recently, some of whom even attended kindergarten with him. At one point, he flips the camera around to show a fiery Copenhagen sunset, another thing he genuinely expresses a gratitude for.

Despite the lengthy journey that brought him to this moment, Lukas is embracing this new chapter. Almost five years since the release of his third album, he is thrilled to share 4 (The Pink Album) with the world, and get back on the road where he can share the love and care behind this project with fans. His tour kicks off in Oslo, Norway next month and will take him all over northern Europe, something he is extremely excited about. As we discussed his plans and hopes for the future, Lukas was eager to reminisce about what the last few years have meant for his career and his own personal journey. Happiness is an understatement. His appreciation and love for life is contagious, and I left our conversation with a newfound sense of gratitude.