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Loreana's Music Makes Beauty Out of Real Life

With "I'm Just Doing Me" the Latinx artist is bridging the gap between poetic stories and sounds that stick with you.

Loreana Music releases new single "I'm Just Doing Me" a new latin artist who's based in Miami Florida and sings in spanish and english.
Photo: @loreanamusic

Congrats on your new single, “I'm Just Doing Me.” What do you hope listeners take away from this new song?

Thank you so much! It’s an honor to be interviewed today. I’ve witnessed MUD’s growth and flourishment since its early beginnings, and I feel proud to be connecting, artistically, through this interview today. I hope listeners feel refreshed and carefree after playing this tune!

Your sound is so unique on this track. How is this song different from “Dile a Tu Mama” and “Ciudad Moderna”?

I wrote this song in the shower of a beach hotel around 9 am, and I think the tropical vibes of that day truly translated into the song! Similarly to “Dile a tu mama," I remember I had written a different song to the instrumental beat, but later I encountered a romantic situation that made me write a whole new song which was later released and actually known as “Dile a tu mama”.

We know the creative process of every artist is different. As a songwriter, where do you draw the most inspiration from? Are there also artists or bands that have influenced your career?

I draw the most inspiration from the paradoxical experiences that I encounter as I live my life.

You have such a unique sound that is both poetic and incredibly authentic. In your own words, how would you define it?

I wouldn’t define my sound, at least not yet. My gender is neutral, my preferences are ambiguous, and my personality is complex. It may be hard to predict or define my creative urges or artistic products, but I want to keep it that way. Free the space.

Is there anything you’re currently working on for this year? If so, what can your fans expect?

Yes! I am preparing to release my second extended playlist “Free the space vol. II”. It is announced to drop in the month of March 2022! I received a lot of positive feedback with my first EP, so I decided to make a similar one with more unique sounds, and maybe even some new surprises.


Listen to "I'm Just Doing Me" on Spotify and all streaming platforms now. Follow Loreana on Instagram and Link Tree to stay up to date with her latest releases.


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