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Looking Back at the Legacy MF DOOM Didn’t Intend To Have

The late Daniel Dumile, best known as rapper MF DOOM, left his mark on each soul that listened to a record of his. The masked rapper is known by few but loved by many. He is your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. Month’s after his sudden passing, I’ve been consumed thinking about the legacy that he didn’t intend to have.

Source: Pinterest

It was announced on New Year’s Eve through DOOM’s Instagram that he had passed away on October 31, 2020 at the age of 49. The late announcement of his passing was no shock for fans; it was right on par with the shy nature of DOOM. He was never seen in public without his signature mask, rarely did interviews, and even hired other people on numerous occasions to perform in place of him at concerts because he simply didn’t want to.

The lyricist was born in London in 1971 and moved to Long Island, New York shortly after his birth (source: CNN). Here he was raised by hip-hop culture. By 1988 Daniel Dumile and his younger brother, Dingilizwe, formed the hip-hop group KMD (Kausing Much Damage/ Kause in a Much Damaged Society) with Alonzo Hodge. Daniel went by Zev Love X (and did not wear a mask), his brother was known as DJ Subroc, and Hodge claimed Onyx The Birthstone Kid (source: Discogs).

In 1991 the group signed a deal with the label Elektra and shortly after dropped their debut album “Mr. Hood.” Zev Love X shined and the album was well received with it’s feel good beats and impeccable lyricism, although it touched on a few stigmatizing subjects for the time surrounding race and oppression.

Then everything went to shit.