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Lets Celebrate Black Creatives This February

February 1st marked the beginning of Black History Month.

PC: Autumn Goodman

And this is the perfect time to celebrate black creatives in our community (anytime is a good time to do this, really). Below are a few indie brands that are black-owned and are worth looking into next time you decide to go shopping:

1) Miss EmpowHer - @missempowher

Miss EmpowHer was founded by Caitlyn Kumi, a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Alumni. The brand's mission is to empower women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities, and this message alone should make everyone check them out.

“Miss EmpowHer envisions a world were women of all shades and shapes feel sexy, confident, and empowered,” Kumi writes. “We hope to bring the world one step closer to our vision by celebrating confidence, body positivity, and inclusivity.”

Her shop mainly consists of an item called “waist beads.” They come in multiple colors such as white, red, gold, purple, and pink.