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Let’s Talk About Sex: 2020 Edition

A discussion on the double standard that women deal with when it comes to sex.

Anonymous Artist
Guess what? Women enjoy casual sex too.

Yes, we can have sex without falling in love, and no, you're probably not the best we've ever had.

To the men reading this right now, I'm sorry if that's surprising to hear.

Somehow we're in a society that shames women who do the exact same thing that men do. Men are expected to have sex, but as women we are expected to conduct ourselves more ‘properly’. And what's the only difference? Whether or not you have a dick.

Women are supposed to behave a certain type of way. Take clothing, for example. If we show too much skin, we're 'hoes,' and if we don't show enough, we're prudes. Think about women who post bikini pics on Instagram. While some might think it's about getting attention, did you ever consider the possibility that it was really about self-love and body positivity?

But why is there any difference? Why does it matter what we post or how often we have sex?

Nasty. Whore. Easy. Tramp. Hoe. Thot. Skank. Slut.