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Lessons We Can Learn From Relationships in Books

Sometimes the best advice comes from fictional characters.

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At the end of the day, relationships within novels may seem to have everything figured out. Despite the perfection of a happily ever after, the journey to this fairytale ending may not always be a fun ride. The issues we go through also happen to these not-so-perfect relationships in books, no matter what the setting or story is.

Similar to some fictional stories, relationships can get tough, whether there’s fighting or an outside source causing issues. We can use books as an outlet for information on how to handle tough situations within our own relationships. Here are four examples.

The Deal by Elle Kennedy (book one in the Off-Campus series)

Photo: Elle Kennedy

Throughout The Deal, the main characters are faced with a few different obstacles. For example, one of them is in love with someone else. This, however, is not even close to the biggest hardship the couple in this book faces. Hannah and Garrett, the protagonists, face a manipulative parent, to say the least about the situation. The parent tries to interfere in their relationship multiple times, which takes a toll on their love story.

How did they manage to overcome this? Although Hannah and Garrett had a rocky time getting to their happily ever after, they had to get there somehow. It was not easy for them, but after actually taking time to have a conversation, they realized