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Lessons from a Bad Haircut

by Cristina Gutierrez

The last time I got a haircut, my hairstylist was running super late to a party. I had to deal with her friends staring at me as though that would make the clock move faster. It didn’t rush me, but it did rush the girl cutting my hair.

The result? An 80’s style haircut on a 23 year-old young adult without much knowledge (or interest) in 80’s music.

In other words, NOT WHAT I WANTED.

Want to know what came next? I had an identity crisis in front of the mirror. In my mind, all the style I once had was gone. Hell, I’d probably be called a catfish on dating apps if I used my pre-haircut photos. I didn’t recognize the person in the mirror, and judging from the expression on her face, she didn’t recognize me either.

Yep, my life was over.

Now, before you start calling me dramatic, let me explain why I believe that a haircut is such an important part of me. Even if you don't do it unconsciously, you shape your hair the way you want to express yourself and your style. It plays a huge part on the first impression people get from you because it’s the first thing they notice.

Not your eyes. Not your smile. Your hair.

Regardless if the experience is negative or positive, I'm a firm believer that you learn from every challenge in your life. So, here’s what I learned from getting a bad haircut:

In life, you have complete control of what you consider a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ experience.

The moment a situation presents itself, the first decision you can make is how you react to it, and that will influence everything that happens after. Once I realized