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Joy Again Is Revolutionizing Love Songs with Their Latest Single

Co-founder, singer, and guitarist, Sachi DiSerafino, lets us into the band's latest release, "What Lovers Do."

Band Joy Again releases new single, "What Lovers Do."
Courtesy of Joy Again

How has the last year changed you, both as creators and as people?

As a creator, I feel like I didn’t change much. I made a lot of music that let me lean into my creative whims and came into my own more, I think. With that said - I’m pretty done with that sound and ready to switch it up and make something fresh. As a person, I feel exactly the same haha.

What has been the biggest moment of your lives so far?

This is a tough question but, for me, I guess I would have to say our song "Looking Out For You" going gold. I’m really proud of that and excited to give my parents a plaque. Arthur [Shea] and I didn’t go to college so I guess that record represents that this music stuff can actually pay the bills and can be a viable career.

Band Joey Again releases latest single What Lovers Do.
Photo Courtesy of Joy Again

What’s one thing you hope never changes?

Joy Again

What does it mean to be creators in today’s world?

I’m not really sure anymore. The TikTok thing is so crazy because songs that labels and dudes in suits think won’t make money on radio or streaming get hundreds of millions of streams now. I guess it’s a good time to be yourself and make what you want to make because weird shit is taking center stage.

How did the band members meet?

Arthur and I met on Facebook and went to high school with Kieran, we then met Blaise on Facebook as well, Will is Arthur's second cousin, and Tyndall and I worked at a coffee shop together.


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