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Joshua Bassett's "Doppelgänger" Is His Most Personal Song Yet

The 21-year-old singer songwriter known from his role as Ricky in "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series" is creating deeply personal music.

What is Joshua Bassett's new song about? 21-year-old singer and songwriter Joshua Bassett releases new single "Doppelgänger." Perhaps his most personal song to date, it follows his hugely successful hits "Crisis" and "Set Me Free" which not only racked up millions of streams, but also raised funds for mental health. His new song is inspired by an ex, which fans speculate to be Olivia Rodrigo or Sabrina Carpenter. Watch the music video which Bassett co-produced with Elle Mills.
Photo credit: Callum Hutchinson

Joshua Bassett has certainly been making headlines with his new music. He launched his solo career with his hit singles "Crisis" and "Set Me Free." It's clear that the 21-year-old songwriter is becoming known for his strikingly emotional and relatable lyrics.

This time around, Joshua is reaching a new level. Perhaps his most personal song yet, he bares his soul in his new single "Doppelgänger." Not only does the song carry the deeply poetic lyrics that Bassett is known for, but he is also co-produced the music video with Youtuber, filmmaker, and Twitch streamer, Elle Mills.

The most interesting thing about this single? It's inspired by a real life event in Bassett's life.

“The song poured out of me immediately after seeing someone who I thought was my ex at a coffee shop,” said Bassett. “Sucker punched in the heart, I realized I'm not quite as over them as I thought, and that no one, not even a look-alike, could ever take their place.”

The song is a growth anthem, as the rest of his songs are. It not only shows how Joshua has been evolving as an artist, but also how he's navigating his twenties with an open mind and a level of maturity that deserves recognition.

Not to mention, Joshua Bassett is also proving that he's a gem of the industry. Aside from racking up millions of streams, his music raised thousands of dollars for mental health efforts, including a donation of 20K by Joshua himself.

Watch the music video, co-produced by Joshua Bassett and Elle Mills here:


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