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Jeremy Rudd’s View from The Hill

The young, dedicated, and disciplined actor is now a season regular in Showtime’s new crime series,“City on a Hill.”


When I asked Rudd what drove him to pursue his professional career, I anticipated some profound realization or inspiration, but what I got was even better than that. The raw unexpected truth is so much better than what we imagine. “I kinda stumbled into it. My brother ran into someone who was looking for extras for a show on Netflix, and he asked us if we’d like to be a part of it.” Just a casual, unsought intro to the exciting, intense acting industry, was enough for Jeremey Rudd to realize he would give it a go. The Seattle native, along with his identical twin brother, Nathan, was offered the opportunity to film a few scenes as extras for the Netflix series, “Ozark.” The unforgettable experience pulled him in further to acting.

“I just looked into it, and never looked back since.”

Though Rudd’s segue into the industry sounds like a dream, the cutthroat audition process is anything but. Behind the glamorous lights and cameras, are actors who continuously put themselves out there with no guarantee of success and the likelihood of rejection. The process requires serious discipline and bold spirit.

The challenges in the industry for those who seek to “make it big” weed out many aspiring actors. Hearing “no” so many times can be discouraging, but Rudd uses every audition and rejection to his advantage.

“I’ve heard a lot of no’s as I audition, but every rejection, I’m learning more.”

These difficulties have not gotten the best of Rudd, who remains as ambitious as ever.

When he’s not auditioning, Rudd is in private coaching sessions and classes, sharpening his craft. Though his first gig happened by chance, all of his hard work and dedication earned him a role in Showtime’s new crime series, “City on a Hill,” starring Kevin Bacon and Aldis Hidge, with Ben Affleck as Executive Producer. The show takes place in 90’s Boston and exposes the racism, corruption, and crime of the city at that time.