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Jai'Koa Parham-Marrero on MLK's Legacy

"No matter how things are, I always keep in mind there’s at least once person looking up to me."

MLK Day Martin Luther King
Photo: DeVante Jones @vantesvisions

Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do?

I am a young Afro Latino. I am originally from Heerlen, Netherlands. I grew up in a multicultural household, which impacted me in many ways from sports, dance, music, and more. Currently, I am one of the directors for a non-profit organization called Holloway’s Gift Of Life Foundation (HGOL). We have locations in both Alabama and Georgia. The main focus is on inner-city youth giving knowledge on the entertainment industry, as well as, educating the next generation on business, marketing, building credit, music, and fine arts.

Who or what has inspired you to do what you do?

God, my family and close friends inspire me to continue to push forward through all trials and tribulations. No matter how things are, I always keep in mind there’s at least once person looking up to me. Just knowing that I can spark the light of someone else to help change the world motivates me even more! My motto I live by is “each one, teach one” bringing in a cycle of positivity, love and honor

Photo: DeVante Jones @vantesvisions

What message do you have for aspiring young Black creators?

My advice: Don’t ever stop loving who you are! Embrace every aspect of yourself accept and love yourself! Understand that you are truly unique and awesome! This is what separates us from the rest allowing us to become such creative individuals in all aspects of life. Doesn’t matter if you are a dancer, make up artist, or painting content creator–just be you. By doing this, I promise you will be successful and your content will be genuine and original!

How has MLK’s legacy inspired your life, platform, or creative projects?

MLK legacy has inspired my life in many ways, one of which is to help others who have lost their way and give them direction. Showing people hope in a world filled with chaos and turmoil that it can still be saved if enough genuine and positive people can bring about a positive cycle of love, peace, support, and teamwork! This is something I truly believe MLK himself would have wanted.


This interview is part of our celebration of Black creators for MLK Day. You can follow Jai'Koa on Instagram here! @iamjaiparham


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