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It's Hair, Get Over It.

A mowed lawn, a trimmed lawn, an untouched lawn... who cares! We're all growing a garden.

There's some societal rule that says we shouldn't have hair on our bodies. It's allowed on our head, arms, and occasionally, the face. The rest has to be removed because it's deemed "unattractive." But why, it’s literally hair?

Hair isn't gross.

Don't get me wrong, finding a long black strand in your pasta is repulsive, but body hair? It's natural! I mean body hair can get itchy if it's a beard on your face or hair in your armpits. If that's the case, discomfort is completely reasonable for removal. However, having body hair is not shameful.

It's no secret hair grows on our sexy parts. Yeah, we all know Hollywood tries to hide that. When it’s time to remove the clothes during ~sexy time~ maybe it can feel embarrassing to expose the garden you’ve been growing.

Guess what? Pubic hair happens to everyone!
It's strange to feel uncomfortable about something everyone has.

To think hair can bring up feelings of anxiety, wondering if your partner will like it is a bit weird.

It’s just hair, no big deal.

We get into a rush to get pampered and make sure our bodies look good before meeting up with someone. I saw a TikTok the other day about how a girl shaved just to go to a One Direction concert thinking she would magically hook-up with Harry Styles even though she had nose bleed seats. Yes, we all want to feel sexy to impress -- but do it for you, babes.

Hair removal for any part of the body is expensive.

Razors, waxes, and spa appointments can be costly. Businesses not only capitalize on people removing hair, but they also advertise for body hair removal. We are stuck seeing constant advertising trying to brainwash us to feel like we shouldn’t have any hair on our bodies. There is a strange pressure of getting my eyebrows done bi-weekly before I see myself as attractive.

I hate the way body hair gets in the way of body confidence.

It puts a halt in enjoying yourself. As a young woman, the standards are set to maintain our eyebrows, armpits, legs, and coochie. We are expected to have zero hair on our bodies. For what, though? Why do women have to be naked mole rats? What’s the reason? Women do not owe the world to have hairless bodies.

We don’t owe them anything.

People absolutely have preferences.

Personally, I don't feel the need to shave in the winter. It is about 30 degrees and I am strictly wearing sweatpants. I am not going to take 40 minutes out of my day to shave my legs --- just so they can be covered for weeks.

It is okay to shave and wax if it makes you happy. There are people who make it time for themselves to relax. It is just not necessary to remove body hair if you don’t want to.

Hair grows back. Always.

You get a bad haircut, you don’t stress about it because your hair grows back. We take time out of our day to remove our body hair, just so we can do it again two weeks later. It feels like a chore we put on our to-do list. If you want to go out and get your coochie waxed go ahead, but make sure it’s for you and your happiness.


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