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Issam Alnajjar is Pioneering Arab Pop with his Debut Album BAREE?

The new album by the eighteen-year-old singer from Jordan features a collaboration with Danna Paola and Alok of his viral song, Hadal Ahbek.

Issam Alnajjar releases new album BAREE? which features a spanish version of Hadal Ahbek with Danna Paola and Alok called "Si Tu Vuelas"
Photo: Darren Craig

The name Issam Alnajjar might not sound familiar at first, but as soon as your hear the famous chorus of his global hit, “Hadal Ahbek,” you will know who he is.

While his debut song will raise your serotonin levels from the very first note, its creation stems from a time when Issam felt quite lonely. When he was younger his family traveled to America, temporarily leaving him alone at home in Jordan. It’s safe to say Issam put his down time to good use.

Music had always been a recurring thought, and the sudden amounts of time he had in his hands was enough for him to give it a try. This is when we get a first taste of Issam’s determination. After countless hours watching Youtube tutorials, he managed to learn how to play the guitar. Looking back, the success he experienced overnight had nothing to do with luck.

In 2020, Issam Alnajjar posted his first video on Tiktok: a cover of "Fly Me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra. While the app’s algorithm continues to be an enigma, it is known to recognize true talent. Overnight, the video captured the attention of thousands of users in Jordan, granting Issam his first taste of internet fame.

Right after, he posted what would be come his first hit, "Hadal Ahbek."

“I used to sing a lot in English, so when I started singing in Arabic, people went crazy. They actually liked it. I hadn’t expected them to love it as much,” he said about Jordan’s response to "Hadal Ahbek."

Once he caught wind that his first song in Arabic sparked interest, he went on to record the song. Still hesitant about the real possibility of a music career, his goal was to reach ten thousand views on TikTok. The video easily surpassed that in the first day.