• Hector Gutierrez

Isabella Ferreira from Love, Victor Is Our New Favorite Person

The "Love, Victor" star talks her character Pilar, her favorite TikTok trend, and what the show means to queer people of color.

Photo: Antar Hanif

How was the auditioning process for Love, Victor? What interested you about this role the most?

IF: I was lucky enough to have a very quick and simple audition process for Love, Victor! I had one audition in New York. About 3 weeks after, my agent calls and tells me that they want to fly me out to LA to screen test the following week. About an hour after that original call, she calls back saying not to worry about the screen test they just want to book me! I was so surprised it kind of came out of nowhere. I was definitely not expecting to book the role after just one audition but I am so grateful. I think what drew me the most to the role of Pilar is her feisty way of being. She isn’t afraid to say what she has to say, and doesn’t care much for other people’s opinions. I really value that about her. 

Pilar is a confident character who’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind. How much do you relate to her?

IF: I used to think we were complete opposites! But when I look back to when I was her age, I was kind of going through a similar thing in a different way. Just feeling like no one really understood me. I was having trouble making friends and felt alone. I just really want to see how Pilar grows. 

Photo: Antar Hanif

What’s one funny moment/ favorite memory from filming?

IF: It’s hard to pin point a specific funny or favorite memory while being on set! There’s just so many, but some of my favorite days were when I was filming with Michael Cimino and Anthony Turpel. They’re just fun to be around and funny people in general. Especially after really long filming days, by the end we’d all be so delirious and laugh at literally anything. 

This is a show that centers a Latinx queer character on screen. What do you think this representation means for the Latinx community and queer POC?

IF: I think a show like this and with this kind of representation was definitely needed. I feel as though now more than ever people need to know that they aren’t alone. Also, a reminder that everyone’s story is different. Especially with the older Latinx generations, I find that to this day the LGBTQ+ community is still such a taboo for some people when it shouldn’t be. I’m glad a series like Love, Victor is out to inform people as such, and that I get to be a part of something as incredible. 

Photo: Antar Hanif

Our tenth issue, “Growing Pains,” is all about the coming-of-age experience. What does it mean to be young in the world today?

IF: To be young in the world right now is such an amazing thing, that can often be taken for granted. I believe the young people of today can change the world one step at a time. It’s good to be open minded and educated in times like these, and from what I see most of us young people are doing just that. After all we are the future and we have a voice. 

Tik Tok trend: creators showing off their cute pets!

Quarantine snack: fruit snacks! 

Acting influence: Margot Robbie 

Character from Love, Victor: Felix!

Top artists on your playlist right now: Frank Ocean, Jessie Reyez, and Conan Gray

What have you been watching lately? The Walking Dead and The Office! 

Watch Isabella on Love, Victor out now on Hulu!



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