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Is DRESSX and Digital Fashion the Next Big Thing?

The metaverse, social media and now, digital fashion. What is digital fashion, how does it work and what makes it unique?

Photo: DRESSX (corrupted file dress)

Imagine yourself as player one in your favorite video game. You’re swiping through wardrobe selections, thumbing around with your controller’s analogs, or clacking keys until you find a look you're satisfied with, bringing your self-expression to the digital realm, to your avatar. Unlike the lapel coat hanging in your closet, the one you lint roll, check for stains, and fiddle with the buttons when running late for that interview, your avatar’s clothes simply materialize, unblemished.

Enter DRESSX, the app that allows you to become the avatar. Much like the in-game stores that allow players to purchase digital wear for their avatars, DRESSX allows you to purchase digital wear for yourself. DRESSX is both a company, and an app that may be downloaded on the Apple app store.

How does DRESSX work?

The app allows users to try on looks using a Snapchat-like filter where you swipe through an inventory of dresses, tops, jackets, accessories, costumes, and NFTs. If you find a piece or two that you like, you may snap a picture of it with the filter on, which is automatically saved to your in-app “closet” and if you so desire, you may then share it to social media. However, if you want to take your digital dressing a step further, you can purchase the item, and send along a picture of yourself as per DRESSX’s “how to wear” instructions. The picture will then be edited to where you are “wearing” a 3D model of the digital piece and that image will be sent to you via email in 1-2 days, and what you do with that final product is up to you. An Instagram post, a photo to send to your mom, or a picture for whatever you choose.

Why purchase digital fashion?

  • Sustainability

According to DRESSX’s “about” section, the company believes that “the amount of clothing produced today is way greater than humanity’s needs” and that DRESSX’s current goal is to show that there are ways to produce “less,” “sustainably” and “not to produce at all.”