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Irish Artist Smoothboi Ezra on Their Debut EP, Stuck

We caught up with the rising artist on their musical inspirations and their song writing process.

Smoothboi Ezra is an irish artist on the rise whose EP Stuck just released.
Photo: Dork

You’re a self-taught artist. How did you get your start in music?

I’ve always liked music, and when I was twelve, I started a YouTube channel and started up loading covers and it progressed from there.

Your debut EP Stuck explores relationships and feelings through your eyes. What do you hope listeners capture from these songs?

I really hope listeners enjoy my songs and take whatever they need from the song. If they can relate the song to something specific in their life then it will mean more to them. What I think doesn’t matter.

What song in Stuck are you proudest of and why?

I’m proudest of “Palm of My Hand." I wrote it in one night and recorded and produced it in one day with my friend Ciara who plays piano and does backing vocals.

We’d love to get insight into your song writing process. How do you tap into your creativity?

Usually late at night it's when I write down my stream of consciousness. There’s no set thing that I do each time, its different every time.

What artists or bands are your biggest inspirations?

Haley Heynderickx, Phoebe Bridgers Kate Bush, and Elliott Smith.

To you, what does it mean to be a young artist in Ireland today?

I don’t know much about the scene. I was a minor when COVID started, so I couldn’t go to many clubs or shows within the music scene. I had only really started going to shows when COVID started, so I’m kind of still waiting to find out what it’s like in the Irish music scene.

Notes from the Director of Without Me, Sam O'Neill:

"When writing and directing ‘Without Me’ I wanted to mainly convey a sense of isolation, one that we create within ourselves. As the main character, Gloom is journeying through the world of self reflection, they come across the two Stuckmen, spirits, within Gloom’s mind who force Gloom to reflect on their past.

The Spirits play a big part in the video, as these internalised voices casting doubt. They place a brain crown on Gloom’s head, which causes all these negative feelings to develop and overwhelm them. I was trying to create a very visual representation of what a relationship can feel like when looked back on."


Watch their new music video, Without Me, here. Make sure you follow Smoothboi Ezra on Instagram!


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