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Interview with GG Townson from Salt-N-Pepa's Biopic

Set in New York City, Salt-N-Pepa pays tribute to the iconic 80s duo that fell into the world of rap and hip hop after appearing on a friend's school project.

GG Townson stars in the Lifetime movie Salt-N-Pepa as Salt.
Photographer: Tim Schaeffer | Hair & Make Up: Charlee Brown

You starred as "Salt" in the Lifetime movie Salt-N-Pepa. Take us through the process of getting into character for this role and why you chose to audition for this movie.

Well, the process was like any other audition process I’ve experienced. You get an email from your reps letting you know you’ve been requested to audition and you dive right into the matter. Getting into character for Cheryl consisted of not only getting to know the material provided for the audition, but doing my own independent research on her and her career.

In season 3 of All-American, your character was Lil Jewel. What was your favorite part about having a role on this hit show and how did you relate to your character?

My favorite part about having a role on All-American was just simply being on the show. It’s a really great show that I fell in love with over the quarantine period, so it was a blessing to work with the cast and the CW network. I related to Jewel in the aspect of being slightly misunderstood, but actually being a sweetheart in the end.

Your family has been in the entertainment industry before. How did having Ron Townson (lead singer of Fifth Dimension) as a grandfather help shape you into the actor and entertainer you are today?

When he was alive, my grandfather actually didn’t have much input in my career. I was a child at the time and everyone just wanted me to have fun with it. Now as an adult, I just try to make the best decisions within my career that I know he would be proud of.

GG Townson stars in the Lifetime movie Salt-N-Pepa as Salt.
Photo: Lifetime

Earlier this year, you were nominated for a 2022 Hollywood and African Prestigious Award in the Best Comic Actress category for your performance in “Welcome Matt." What was it like when you found out that you were nominated?

It was an honor to me nominated. I was really excited, every actor dreams of being nominated and acknowledged for their work. I was just surprised my first came so soon in my career!

How has your role in the BET+ series Sacrifice been different from your past roles?

Jameson is VERY different from my other roles in the past simply because she’s a villain.

What does a day in the life of GG look like?

If it’s a GOOD day I get up around 7-7:30am and eat a little breakfast before going to the gym. My workouts usually last about two hours. I get that done, get back to the house, have my protein shake and lunch, and dive into what assignments or obligations I have for the day be it auditions, interviews or just everyday adulting. I’m typically in bed by 11pm every night.

GG Townson stars in the Lifetime movie Salt-N-Pepa as Salt.
Photographer: Tim Schaeffer | Hair & Make Up: Charlee Brown

What advice would you give to a young actor or actress who is thinking about pursuing an acting career?

RUN! Lol, just kidding. I would say go for it full force and don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do. Stay grounded always and never compromise yourself for where you “think” you want to be.


Make sure to follow GG Townson on Instagram. Photographer @timschaefferphoto Hair & Make Up @museinspiredmua


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