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Influencers vs Celebrities… Who Do You Look to for Fashion Inspiration?

Where do you look for fashion inspiration? Social media influencers, celebrities, magazines, Pinterest, none of the above?

@emmachamberlain on insta

Lately, I’ve noticed a shift in how Gen Z views fashion now compared to a few years ago.

I’ve always looked at fashion as something fun and a way to express yourself creatively through what you wear. I personally look at everything and see things that I like and store it in my brain when thinking of outfit ideas.

One influencer that has become a bigger name in the fashion industry is Emma Chamberlain, with 12.8 million followers on Instagram. Much of her content is fashion related, showing outfits or new clothing items on her stories.


About a week ago, she released a new video titled: “WHAT I’M WEARING THIS SUMMER.”