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Influencers are Launching Pay-to-Follow Private Accounts. Would you Subscribe?

Influencers over the years have made social media their full-time job by uploading sponsored posts and partnering with a multitude of brands through their public accounts.

Most content creators have had to rely solely on other brands to make a living, but that is all changing thanks to new pay-to-follow private accounts.

While this is a new trend, some influencers are offering access to exclusive content on a private account or close-friends list for a small monthly or yearly fee, in addition to their public accounts.

Influencers that rely on Instagram to promote their content are at the mercy of the app. With ever-changing algorithms and updates, these full-time content-creators are looking for a source of income that's more reliable than a HelloFresh partnership.

Patreon is a platform that provides the tools content creators need in order to run a subscription service. A lot of private Instagram accounts seem to be using this platform to run their member-only exclusive content. Gabi Abrao, @sighswoon on Insta, adds followers to her close-friends list for a minimum of $3.33 a month, and is run through Patreon.