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In the MUD: Prince of Eden

MUD sat down with the rising artist to discuss his influences, creative process, and get and exclusive teaser of his unreleased song, "Crawl" from his upcoming album.

Prince of Eden is a rising artist that does alternative music like Mumford & Sons and James Bay.
Photo Courtesy of Prince of Eden

When he was a senior in high school, Aaron, known as Prince of Eden, started releasing bits and pieces of songs on Sound Cloud. The reaction from those who got to listen his music was incredible – they loved everything he produced. But as someone who was just starting to experiment with his sound, he found himself uncertain about taking the next step.

With influences such as Young the Giant and The Lumineers, Prince of Eden committed to creating music that came from a personal place – music that was raw and abstract, yet universal.

Everything changed in 2018 after he officially released his first single, "Mammal Talk." This was the moment where he first saw himself pursuing music as a career. But even to this day, he admits that it's not always been easy to own the label of "musician" or "artist."

"I feel like every musician struggles with this. It's like, 'Should I have a plan B? Am I doing this correctly?' Especially because [the industry] is so flooded now," Aaron said.

For MUD's new segment "In the MUD," Prince of Eden gets personal about his songwriting process and how he's navigating the industry.

Prince of Eden teases his unreleased song, "Crawl" for his "In the MUD" segment.


Follow Prince of Eden on Instagram and listen to his latest releases on Spotify and all streaming platforms. Prince of Eden has an upcoming album titled "Berlin" coming out in February 2022.


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