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If Gossip Girl Characters Went to Public Universities

We all know and love the iconic CW series, Gossip Girl. Where we are given a look into the lives of Manhattan's elitist Upper East Siders.

I used to envy the lives of these fictional characters, and wished that I attended the same exclusive parties, dressed in extravagant fifth avenue clothes, and Sunday brunched in the city. The four privileged Upper East Siders, and two Brooklyn wannabes are not only fictional characters, but they are among us. On our own campus.

Chuck Bass:

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President of his fraternity. Gets off on only mixing with the hottest sorority on campus. Doesn’t show up to class because daddy has a job lined up for him after college. His only personality trait is being in a frat. Thinks “Margarita Monday” is an actual holiday. Takes the entire frat on spring break to his family's vacation home in Cancun.

Blair Waldorf:

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Blair shows up to her 8 A.M. in a skirt and heels because she must “always dress to impress.” President of the fashion club, the student government and is a global ambassador because of the one time she studied abroad in Paris. Studying abroad is the only thing she will ever talk to you about and her love for France because she is so "cultured." Just in case you missed her 800 Instagram pictures last semester in front of the Eiffel Tower, and eating a Macaroon outside of the Louvre, she'll show you them any excuse she gets. She also always argues with the professor about being right and reminds them about the assignment due.

Nate Archibald: