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I Will Defend Chunky Filas With My Life, And Here's Why

Do you hate chunky Filas because you think they’re ugly, or do you just hate them because they’re a fad?

PC: Pinterest

I didn’t buy my first pair of Fila Disruptors until long after they were reintroduced to the fashion scene a few years ago.

And it was a spur of the moment decision only because, at the time, I needed a comfortable pair of tennis shoes for a vacation where I knew I would be doing a lot of walking.

I would look at pictures of models trying to style them and convince myself I wasn’t a tennis shoe wearer. I thought there was no way to make these dad shoes look cute. Shoes that were hip in the 90’s were not my style!

Oh, how I was so wrong.

These are some of the most versatile shoes I own. It’s so easy to dress them up and down depending on the occasion. The bonus is that they are comfortable as hell.

Fila Disruptors get a lot of hate on the internet for being “basic” and “ugly,” but I know that if people gave them a shot, they’d be more open to sporting these with every outfit they wear.

(I will admit, the “ugly” part of somewhat warranted. They're so ugly that they’re cute.)


Here are some ways to style your chunky Filas:

PC: Pinterest