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I Want To Be 'Swifted'

How hard can it be to get a song written about me?

I once talked to a guy who was embarrassed to show me his Instagram account. He told me he was not ready to share that part of his life with me. I thought he was running a meme account or a part of a pyramid scheme that he couldn’t get out of. Obviously, I played it cool, but I didn’t respect his boundaries at all. I found a mutual friend and went through the people they follow to find it. It turns out he was a SoundCloud rapper.

I was not turned off by the fact he wanted to have a music career. I guess I was confused on why he hid it from me, I thought this dude was married for a quick second. I understand that people can be shy because others are very judgemental. However, I thought his music and videos were produced creatively. We should all support creators that put themselves out there, it is not the easiest thing to do.

Something inside of me sparked a Grinch lightbulb. I wanted to see if I could be an inspiration to this guy and his work. He made music about being independent and focusing on himself. However, I wanted to get “Swifted.” I thought, “What if I could make an impact on his life and get a song about me?” He doesn’t know that I know, so it wouldn’t be like a diss track or weird to put it out.

I don’t care if I am the hero or the villain of the song. The song is not even a work in progress for all I know. It could be about how I can’t park straight and I’d be flattered that there is a song about me.

I like to think music is made based on inspiration. People are influenced by their own personal experiences. There is literally a song about thrift shopping… it won a Grammy. Our beloved icon, Taylor Swift writes about her past love experiences and take a look at how successful she is.

I understand people have different perspectives of others. I will always be the girl who has to unbuckle her seatbelt at the Dunkin drive-thru because I didn’t pull up close enough. I can’t control the way the employees see me.

There is no plan here. I can’t force someone to be inspired by me … especially if he doesn’t have a clue. I guess I’ll check his Instagram in a few weeks and try to analyze the lyrics. If it’s about his new Jeep, then chances are it is not about me.

In my head, this is like an experiment. I wrote an article about him before he can write a song about me. In a way, I was inspired to write a story about this situation because it feels bizarre. I’m sure our snapstreak will die eventually, so there aren’t any consequences to come. I hope.

This sounds crazy. I’m sure no one intends to have a song written about them. But, maybe I’m not alone. People date musicians all the time, I’m sure they think about if a song would be written about them. However, my case is a bit different. I only Snapchat this dude four times a day and I allegedly don’t know about his Hannah Montana life.


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