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I Did A Bumble Experiment and It Went Like This...

Here are the 5 openers that I used to secure dates during our first conversations.

1. Use an intriguing statement

We all know that saying “hi” with a cute smiley face is boring. Sure, sometimes you’ll get a response, but why leave it to chance?

Saying something more mysterious like, “I have to tell you a secret…” is a much better hook. I guarantee that 99.9% of people would respond to that message because it’s interesting.

When you follow that up with something like, “I’m a mind reader” you’re prompting their next response, which will set up yours. This is where you plant the idea of the date. And there you have it…


2. Be Bold

I think the hardest part about any dating app is finding the happy medium between sounding cocky and confident.

On something more wholesome like Bumble, confidence should be the goal!

So, tell them why you’d be such a great date, then end it with a playful joke.

When I used this message I wanted to see if he would send something funny back, so I was happy he did.


3. Use a pick-up line from your favorite Netflix show…

Grey’s Anatomy is one of my favorite shows (specifically because of Derek Shepherd), so this line was a no brainer.

If the person receiving the message has never seen the show you can always play it off as a joke. BUT if they have seen it, this gives you a common interest right away.

Also, based on the kind of response you receive you can tell a LOT about their personality.

For example, he played along with my pick-up line (whether he understood it or not) and because he got into it, it tells me he would be interesting to talk to.


4. Use a RIDICULOUS pick-up line

This is a pick-up line I’ve definitely heard before as a joke, but never ever tried.

When I sent it I just wanted to test my theory. I assumed I could say this and get a response for one of two reasons:

  1. It's funny and easy to make a joke out of

  2. He would use this as an excuse to talk about himself, because realistically everybody loves to talk about themselves to some extent

Clearly, when he answered with a joke he proved my theory is right.

I actually really liked how he responded with jokes and kept playing along with it…very promising.


5. Just ask them out, duh!

Like I mentioned before, confidence is KEY.

Regardless of gender, everybody finds confidence attractive.

And, in my opinion, nobody expects the first message to be that straightforward, so it will definitely catch them off guard.

If it comes off as too aggressive, then just make it a joke until they come around.

We are in the SHIT show that is 2020, and there’s absolutely no reason why the woman can’t make the first move. So just go for it!


BTW, if none of these approaches work, look at your entire profile. Did you respond to interesting prompts? Do you look well rounded? ETC.

P.S. No one got stood up during this experiment! I told them all afterward it was just a dare. Despite the disappointment, everybody laughed.

Then there's this guy... he caught on, but was very interested to hear about my success rate.

And ladies, feel free to pass this along to all of your lonely guy friends...I promise they’ll thank you.

Happy Dating



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