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Hozier Art History

Hozier creates such beautiful music and that music has so much poetry within its lyrics. I was recommended his music from an old friend years ago and I felt instantly connected. The way he places such intriguing words in each line was a new experience for me. I could read his lyrics and see poetry, and I fell in love. When I first started listening to Hozier, I had never written poetry before or ever appreciated it. I often listened to most songs for the rhythm and not so much for the words. But Hozier changed all of that for me. His songs “Jackie and Wilson”, “From Eden”, “Cherry Wine”, “Like Real People Do”, “As It Was” and “Almost (Sweet Music)” are just a handful of some that touched me most.

When scrolling through Pinterest, I recently found some pictures of his song lyrics edited on top of famous art. His words matched along with paintings only brought it to another level of art for me. Inspired by those Pinterest posts, I have created some of my own Hozier Art History based on some of my favorite lines of his. Finding these famous paintings and matching them with his powerful words, while also listening to his music, was such a gift and an experience I’ll never forget.

“The Lady of Shallot” by John William Waterhouse

“The Roses of Heliogabalus” by Lawrence Alma Tadema

“The Wedding Register” by Edmund Blair Leighton

Portrait of William of Orange as a Prince and his Future Bride Mary Stuart (detail)

"Spirit" by George Roux

“Bathing by the River” by Fernando Cueto Amorsolo

I encourage you to listen to Hozier’s music if you haven’t. The emotions and poetry in his music is absolutely unmatched and everything art stands for.


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