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How to set up the perfect study space at home

So you’re all online for classes, now where are you going to do your work???

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Trust me, I get it. Transitioning to online classes sucks, no other way to describe it. Unfortunately this is our new reality. You’re stressed about taking all of your classes online AND at home, not your usual study environment. It’s hard to deal with your hectic schedule and still feel like you have agency in your own life. Although it’s a different lifestyle, it’s important to have a healthy and creative study space. It is instrumental in maintaining an area of central focus in your life. If shit’s crazy, no reason you can’t try and make the best out of it.

Don’t try to do homework on the bed (you’ll just end up falling asleep)

I’ve attempted this b.s, and let me tell you, shit doesn’t work. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve tried studying in bed and woken up with my books on the floor, and all the information I was supposed to be studying, gone from my mind. My advice?

○ Pick a place where you’ll have the least amount of distractions

○ Close the door if you have to!

○ Move your phone away

○ Clean your area so you don’t worry about clutter

Get the atmosphere right!


Studying can be hella hard for some people. We get distracted by little things, or find we have no motivation to retain information. A lot of this has to do with the ambience, or energy, we sit in. Try shifting this to your advantage!

○ Have some snacks nearby (less getting up = less time away from your studies; I like Veggie-straws & Sargento cheese (weird combo I know but it taste good)

○ Light a candle