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How to *Not* Dress Basic

Tired of looking like everyone else? Good, you've come to the right place.


If you’re like me you love a good basic, classic outfit that you can throw on while running out the door because let’s face it, being fashionably late is in right now. Or maybe that's the excuse I tell myself to feel better about it.

Anyways, I've been seeing the same outfits circling through my Instagram feed. A pair of jeans, a crop top, a trendy jacket, and white Nike’s.

I’m not saying that isn’t a cute outfit, I’m just saying it lacks some originality and can be considered basic. However, I think taking a basic outfit and making it original by adding a little bit of ~spice~ makes the look more unique and adds personality.

So, get ready to put your willpower to the test because these pieces make any outfit more interesting and definitely *NOT* basic.



Distinct bottoms can elevate any outfit and add interest to the look. Try pants with different textures and made of fabrics you might not usually wear.

If you are comfortable in jeans, I found these dual toned jeans from Edikted that are affordable and not a style I see everyday.

These checkered flared pants from ASOS might not be for everyone, but who doesn’t love sage green?? Plus, the colors are perfect for Spring.

I am absolutely in love with these faux leather pants from Zara because they instantly make any outfit 100 times cooler. They are a straight leg fit and the all black makes them look sleek and high quality.


Depending on the look you’re going for, you might want to pair a more interesting top with classic bottoms. You know, something with a pattern, cutout, or a different color.

Drawing attention to one specific piece can be fun and you don’t have to stress about the other pieces you’re wearing as much.

This sleeveless turtleneck from H&M comes in a few neutral colors and is perfect for layering in the transition from Winter to Spring.

If your style is more girly, you’ll love this next top. This dual toned cropped button up is simple and casual but still feminine all at once. What more could you ask for in a top?

Cowl Neck tops are at the peak of the trendy list, but in my eyes can make any outfit more chic. Imagine pairing this with the high waisted leather pants from Zara… A match made in heaven.


I’d say accessories make or break an outfit. Accessorizing allows you to express yourself not only through clothes, but the little details you add make them stand out.

Hair clips have made a huge comeback and I’m here for it. But rather than having a basic black hair clip, why not add some flare and get a multicolored one?

I love the green and gold accents in this clip because it stands out and gives it an iridescent look.

Shoulder bags are also a trendy accessory right now but why not switch it up with a fun color to break up a neutral outfit. They come in a few different colors so you have your pick and can match it with whatever vibe you want your outfit to have.

I like this shoulder bag in particular because the crocodile pattern adds a little extra interest and dimension.

Belts are an accessory that most people forget about but can dress up any look and add another element to make it interesting.

I chose this belt because it has black with gold detailing, which can help make your whole look more cohesive if worn with matching gold jewelry.

Jewelry is one of the most important elements of any outfit and finding jewelry that is unique yet affordable can be a hard task.

All of these necklaces and earrings are simple but will tie any look together. I personally already own the butterfly pendant and wear it as a layering necklace.

I like these earrings paired with a more casual outfit, so that the earrings are the main focal point.


Correct me if I’m wrong but I’d say Nike Air Forces are the pink drink of shoes. Everyone has them or owns similar ones. I’ll make your life easier by giving options that aren’t owned by the majority of Gen Z.

These chunky shoes are all black and perfect for transforming a basic outfit into something slightly edgier.

If you still want a classic sneaker, a pair of Converse will never steer you in the wrong direction. This brown pair is currently sold out but I love the color and will make your outfit stand out.

Next are sandals because warm weather is right around the corner and these square toed sandals are perfect to put under most pants.


I hope some of these items inspired you to make your wardrobe more unique. Whatever your style is, have fun with it and wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable.


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