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How "Sweater Weather" Is Helping Bi People Come Out on TikTok

This is why Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood is TikTok's most viral trend right now.

James Wright, brother of Jack Wright and best friend of Sienna Mae Gomez, used the Sweater Weather sound on TikTok to come out as bisexual.
Photo: Instagram

If there's one thing that TikTok has proved is its power to influence the music charts. As much of a banger Dixie D'Amelio's Be Happy can be, it was her status as an influencer (if we're still using that word lol) that led to over 58 million streams. But mixed with viral trends, songs are forming a new language that those with ridiculous screen time stats can understand.

Conan Gray's Heather became an anthem of unrequited love. Lonely by Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco is the background to some of the saddest stories you'll see on this app. The Home cover by Tom Rosenthal is the perfect mood for transformation stories.

Sweater Weather started to be used in videos with no caption nor text, but the comment sections of these TikToks are filled with encouraging comments and heart emojis. So we did some research.

Turns out that just like Girl in Red was an anthem for young lesbians and bisexual women, Sweater Weather is sort of the same for bisexual people.

Today, James Wright, brother of Jack Wright and best friend of Sienna Gomez, used this sound to come out as bi. Last week, Nessa Barrett also came out as bisexual using the same song. In a way, these kinds of songs are helping young people on TikTok with their coming out story.

Here are some of our favorite TikToks to this sound:


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