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How Innocent Are Our Mudders?

Do you remember when you played “Would You Rather” at an awkward middle school sleepover? I’m sure you did and cringed at the thought of recalling that memory. Well, now is the moment to go back in time and think about what you’ve done (and who you’ve done) since then. The Rice Purity Test is an online innocence test that has been popularized by high schoolers and even more so, college students. The test is formatted as a checklist where you click an activity that they've done. In the end, the score you receive determines how innocent you are. The website does suggest that this is not a bucket list, and that if you've checked off all of these, it could result in death. While this isn’t a test to take 100% seriously, treat it as such. You never know if your other friends have taken it and are waiting for you to share your score with them.

The test is formatted as a checklist starts off with common romantic gestures such as asking if you've ever held hands romantically with someone to go on a date and progressively offers suggestions of graphic sexual activities and criminal acts such as using hard drugs and...beastiality. Just know readers, we at MUD do NOT condone the latter. I decided to conduct a survey to see how some Mudders ranked in the purity test and asked them to provide some feedback as well.

"I thought it would have been higher!"

"I def feel like some of the questions feel more weighty than others and carry more shame. But I feel pretty comfortable with my score."

"I feel like my score was very accurate! I didn’t feel regretful."