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How Camylio Wrote His Latest EP, "all the songs i used to love"

The singer songwriter discusses the complex emotions and creative process behind his latest release.

During November 2020, Camylio launched his TikTok covers. He filled an Amazon shopping cart with a $200 backdrop, ten black hoodies, ten black long-sleeve shirts, and five black short-sleeve shirts in order to maintain a consistent aesthetic. His cover of “Dusk Till Dawn” by Sia and ZAYN exploded with 7 million-plus views. Eventually, he broke the internet as his take on SLANDER’s “Love Is Gone” feat. Dylan Matthew generated north of 50 million views in under ten days. He caught the attention of Republic Records and signed to the label. 
Photo: Jenny Arnfield

Your latest EP “all the songs i used to love” carries such emotional power. What was the inspiration behind it?

Honestly, the past 3-4 years of my life. Stories from different relationships, places, really entire chapters of my life made it into that EP. One of my favorite parts about the EP is it really feels like an “introduction to me” because the songs tell the stories that are really most important to me. The goal of the project is that you (hopefully) get a good idea of who I am and what I’ve gone through by listening to the songs.

As a songwriter, how would you describe your creative process?

For me, the best songs always start as conversations. The way you get the most emotionally honest stuff, at least for me, is to write about things that are actually on your mind. My sessions usually start with an hour or two of just talking about what's going on in everyone’s lives and seeing if anyone is going through anything that feels like it “needs to be a song.” Honestly at this point, after writing so many songs, I usually prefer to at least know what big idea we’re trying to write about before we even start building melodies just because I think every aspect of the song should be supporting whatever emotion it is that you’re trying to get across to the listener. Once we have that figured out, I’m a melody first guy for sure. I think the best songs are also the ones that you can listen to without hearing the words and know what it’s about.

How has the last year changed you, both as an artist and as a person?

Where do I start? Haha. A year ago today, I was just a college kid. No Tiktok account, 12 monthly listeners, at the time none of it was real. I think beyond just the numbers and the blessings that I’ve gotten this past year, I’ve definitely grown up a lot. I have responsibilities now, and an entire team that counts on me every single day to keep things moving and to put in 150%. That for sure changes you. I think as an artist, I’ve gotten a lot better at actually making music just from working with so many incredible writers and producers every day, but I’ve also really settled into understanding who I want to be musically. I’ll always keep evolving and experimenting, but I’m beyond happy that it seems through some trial and error we’ve figured out what “Camylio” sounds like for a little while.