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Hot Girls Buy Their Own Weed: How Weed Got Me through a Year of Quarantine and Online College

I’m gonna brag for a second. I’m going to be a rising senior in college. I’m double majoring and am planning to write an honors thesis in Political Science. My GPA is above a 4.0. I’m good at school.

I also smoke weed almost every day.

I say this with three main caveats: one, my relationship to weed is my own and the way my body reacts to it may be different than yours. Two, my academic success and my weed use are both upheld by a lot of privileges. I can smoke weed (illegally) pretty openly and write this article because there are no real repercussions to my consumption. And three, I have no idea what my relationship with weed would look like if it weren’t for COVID.

In high school and my freshman year of college, I didn’t smoke a lot, because I was in a dorm and my days and nights were filled with random frat parties in grimy houses, going to meetings for thousands of student clubs, and sitting in my friend's rooms passing around the two Bud Lights we found in a parking garage. I was surrounded by people.