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Hot Girl Summer is Trending For the Third Year in a Row, Here's Why

If you know anything about pop culture you know that ‘Hot Girl Summer’, a phrase made popular by Megan Thee Stallion from her song with Nicki Minaj, has been trending since August, 2019.

But why is this song and this phrase still at an all time high after three consecutive years? I’ll tell you.

Hot Girl Summer is about living your best life and not caring about what other people think of you, and this is exactly the liberation that women have needed for a while. Society puts so much pressure on girls and women not only during the summer time, but all the time to be put together, to follow society’s beauty, fashion and body standards, and finally there was a tangible anthem that women could use to say no I’m not doing that, I’m doing me.

Hot Girl Summer is about having fun with your friends, putting time and energy into yourself and your goals, and not worrying about boys and relationship drama. Megan said in an interview with Variety, that the rules of Hot Girl Summer are “you have to be the life of the party, be kind, be confident, and you have to ‘drive the boat’” she also said the one thing you can do to have a Hot Girl Summer is love yourself.

The phrase immediately blew up and was used in everything from Instagram captions, to group chats, and fans even made workout routines, outfits based on the phrase, and of course TikToks.

Over the past three years women, girls, and some men have used the phrase in other ways like the popular workout trending on TikTok called the Hot Girl Walk. It’s a four mile walk where you can’t listen to podcasts, or talk on the phone. The only things you can do on the walk are think about things you’re grateful for, your dreams, goals, and personal development, and lastly and most importantly, how hot you are.

The Hot Girl Walk is about confidence and claiming your hotness, not about losing weight, but walking does have many health benefits including bettering your heart health, and stabilizing your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. So although in result of the Hot Girl Walk, you may end up gaining some muscle or losing a few pounds, this is not the point of the walk, and you should not feel pressured to lose weight. You are hot just the way you are!

Some people have interpreted the phrase Hot Girl Summer as a motivation to lose weight and get a ‘summer body’ but I am here to tell you that you already have a summer body, and you don’t need to change anything about your physique to have a Hot Girl Summer. The point of the Hot Girl Walk and Hot Girl Summer are that you are already hot, and you just have to claim your confidence and strut your stuff!

Mia Lind student at USC and TikTok blogger, @exactlyliketheothergirls, created the Hot Girl Walk and even made a playlist to go along with it.

See Mia’s TikTok here explaining the Hot Girl Walk.

And how its turned into a movement.

Here are the best tips for how to get started on your Hot Girl Walk routine.

Over a year ago, in the thick of quarantine, I often went on long walks mainly to get out of my house and because I was bored. But since seeing Mia’s post a few months ago, my quarantine walks have evolved into vaccinated Hot Girl Walks. And with a new statement from Joe Biden saying, fully vaccinated people can go outside without a mask, the Hot Girl Walk is as attainable as ever.

Before I go on my Hot Girl Walk I put sunscreen on, I stretch my body, I share my location with my mom, my boyfriend, and my roomates, I make sure my air pods and phone are fully charged, and I take allergy medication so I don’t freak myself out that my spring allergies are signs of covid.

On my Hot Girl Walk I bring my house keys and car keys with me, my mase and whistle, a hat or sunglasses, a water bottle, headphones, and a hot girl attitude.

In addition to the hot girl walk bloggers have been creating hot girl summer outfits to boost confidence, and inspire girls and women to wear whatever they want.

Check out Silvia Steyls on TikTok for some Hot Girl Summer outfits.

And Sarah Jo Holder for Hot Girl Summer manifestation.

And Glow Up University for Hot Girl Summer inspiration.

Hot girl summer means being the hot girl or boy that you already are and reclaiming your own definition of hot! Keep your attitude, vibrations, and confidence high, and tag @themudmag, @feverbymud in all your hot girl or boy pictures this summer.


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